Dry Aging: 101

For grill aficionados and foodies alike, dry aged beef is the ultimate steak experience.  It is the process by which subprimal cuts of beef are aged anywhere from several weeks to several months before carving into steaks. The process evokes a richer flavor and more tender texture than a fresh cut of beef. Dry aging is a niche technique but with the Studio Steak Locker can be mastered at home. 


Source the best cut

Source your meat from your local butcher or favorite online purveryor. Order a “bone in” and a prime or choice sub primal. 

Dry Aging: 101



Unwrap and pat the beef dry. Do not trim as the meat will lose some weight during the dry age process. The fat is also key to the taste and texture. 

Loosely wrap the beef in a triple layer of cheesecloth and set it on the Steak Locker rack. Make sure all sides are exposed to the airflow and that the UV is always on while the meat is in the refrigerator. 



Refrigerate the beef for as little as 28 days, or up to 75 days. The longer the cut ages, the more flavorful it gets. 


Carve and cook

After 28 days of dry aging, unwrap the beef and use a sharp knife to carve and discard the hard, dried-out layer of the meat. Slice away the dry, hardened fat but leave as much of the good fat as possible. 

Cut into individual steaks and fire up the grill!  

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